Jul 20, 2011

An open letter to people who don't drive small cars

Dear people who don't drive small cars,

Calmly take your hands of the horn and wipe that holy-shit-don't-back-into-me look off your face. I promise, I am not going to hit your car.

I drive a small car. When I park, my cute little two-seater sports car goes into parking spaces and basically disappears. Pickup trucks, minivans, even Honda Civics are longer than my car. If I don't remember where I parked, I'm basically screwed.


When I'm backing out of a space, I can't see if anyone is coming unless I back up just a little bit to where everyone else's car's butt is.


Good Lord. You'll please note that I am inching my way back old-lady style, not gunning it like a douchebag. I am a good driver. As soon as I can see, I stop, give the person who honked at me an eat-shit look and then gun it.

Anywhos, the point is: Quit honking at me as soon as I put on my reverse lights and go back 3.5 inches. We all know 3.5 inches is not enough to do anything.


  1. Thats what she said.

  2. "3.5 INCHES is not enough to do anything!"

    Hehehe....ohhh I love that!

    So glad you told us about this blog...I LOVE snarky!

    Now start updating!

  3. "3.5 INCHES is not enough to do anything!"

    oh the double entendre..

    and if it is enough, then they are doing something wrong. I've so been there and said the exact same thing..