Sep 4, 2011

Pink is the new tough

I'm at CVS today getting a bottle of water and a few other essentially unessential essentials, and I notice this guy noticing me. He's kind of a big guy, clearly heading to the gym or just coming from there. Lovely. Not to snob or anything, but this happens all the time.

I go about my business.

When I grab my essentials, I get in line to pay -- right behind him of course. He's still doing the side-look and puffing up his chest and whatever else guys do when they're trying to look tough. Fine. I smile.

He's got some energy drink, some kind of soap or something (manly brand, I'm sure) and who knows what else. Normal guy stuff.

He pays and leaves, with another glance my way, of course. (Note to guys: Just say something. Really. It's better than this awkward staring business.)

I pay and leave and see him behind his big manly truck. And I LOL. I literally LOL, and I don't LOL lightly.

He's loading three pink hula hoops into the bed of his truck, which also contains a pink girly bicycle with pink tassles on the handlebars and some other pink stuff (Roller skates maybe? A pink jump rope? Pink stuffed animals? Who knows. All I see is pink.)

He sees me notice. I imagine whatever manliness he's got going on immediately shrivels and his puffed up chest deflates.

Now I have to say something of course, because I'm not one to not say things...

"It's hard to look tough with a trunk like that." Poor guy.


  1. you know what? I LOVE this blog! I love it AS MUCH as I love Your Daily Cute and that's A LOT!!

    You gooooooo girl!

  2. IDK, It seems to me that all that pink is going somewhere, and he's helping out by doing it. to me that is more manly that a puffed chest and man soap..

    (btw, do you know you have word verification on your comments?)