Aug 19, 2009

A million reasons why you shouldn't watch the Octomom show

Dear human race,

Do not watch this ridiculous woman on TV. Octomom -- really? If you have any faith in the human race, you'll promise me to never, ever watch this show.

Why, you ask? It's a train wreck and there's nothing we like to watch more than a good old-fashioned train wreck...

Let's start with the fact that this crazy lady is a nutcase. There are tons of woman out there who can't have children who would be awesome, amazing moms -- and this woman is somehow allowed to mass produce and hoard them? Then some friggin' network (shame on you, FOX, although I'm not surprised it was you) actually pays her some absurd about of money to be on TV.

Like we haven't had enough of her on TV.

People, you have something better to watch. As I find something to watch tonight, I'm going to purposely flip though the channels the other way so I don't inadvertently give her damn show a second of viewing time to contribute to the ratings.

And God forbid the show fizzles off after a bit. What then? I bet she squirts in a few dozen more sperm and pops out 10 or so more innocent children to ruin. That'll get her back in the media, right? In the meantime, I hope no other crazy bitches out there copycat her baby factory idea.

Besides, I'm sure there's something waaaay more interesting on, like that vegetable slicer infomercial or a blank TV screen.

And speaking of getting my panties in a bunch... maybe if Octomom would just keep hers on... Just sayin.

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