Jul 28, 2009

Do you HAVE to back in to park?

Seriously. I can't stand people who back in to park.

These people usually can't drive, and yet they insist on maneuvering their cars into a space backwards, craning their necks, trying to look cool with their arm slung behind the passenger seat, holding me up and inevitably parking right on -- right on the white lines, that is.

If you can't drive it, don't buy it.

And while we're there, if you can barely drive it, don't back it in.

Aaaaand, unless you have some fancy hood ornament you want to show off, don't back in at all.

There are two types of people who insist on backing in:

1. The cool guy who is no doubt gangsta. You will notice him because he's the one driving the Honda Civic. Either that, or the 1992 Nissan Sentra with rims/shiny hubcaps. Why? Why does he have to back in (and it is ALWAYS a he, isn't it)?

2. The guy driving a big truck. And by "big truck" I mean the one that the bed is too long, so his front end is sticking out of the front of the parking space. He can hardly drive this thing head-on and make it straight, let alone somehow try to slide it in in reverse. Here's a quick tip for this guy: If you park forward like a normal person (look around, yes, front-in is normal), you can actually see what you're barreling that thing into.

There is no need for this ridiculousness, people. I'm not impressed, so don't think you're showing off. In fact, we almost wrecked because you had to drive past your space, then suddenly slam it in reverse to park. Now that doesn't seem natural, does it?

That's all for now. Vroom, vroom, bitches.

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