Jul 15, 2008

UPDATE: The bag of turd

It's here!

So last night after I bagged the bagged turd, I left it outside my front door (no way I was inviting that thing in), with the intent of taking it to the dumpster in the morning.

This morning I leave, grab that poo and put it on the floor in my car to drop in the dumpster down the block -- and drove right past the dumpster. It's not till I park at work that I realize I'm still in possession of said turd.

What now? There's no dumpster around. I'm too nice to litter (besides, then someone would have to grab it a third time and that's just ridiculous). So I decided to...

...wait for it...

bring it into my office... and THROW IT AWAY IN OUR KITCHEN! (In the garbage, of course, but still -- enjoy, everyone)


What? You didn't think I was going to have it stewing in my cubicle's trash can, did you?

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I read this post with the intention of pondering whether "turd" is a quantitative word. In other words, I always thought of it as such -- "a turd," "turds," etc. But maybe it's like "money" -- you said "bag of turd" instead of "bag of turds." So now I'm wondering.

    Good Lord, I'm a dork.