Jun 22, 2008

It doesn't work. Deal with it.

So I'm at the gym on the treadmill, and the one next to me doesn't work. I know this because approximately 148 people have tried to use it and then gotten off seconds later. After the first few people did it, I realized it was broken and told the next few people as soon as they jumped on, but I quickly got tired of being Miss Considerate Gym Person and started ignoring the dummies.

Because seriously? You just watched someone get right off. Or two people get right off. Chances are, something's wrong with it. Which is slightly comical, but the part that really gets me is...

Just how long people will actually stay on the damn thing trying to make it work. They press the Start button. Nothing. They press the "up" button to increase the speed. Nothing. They they press it again. And again. And then like 20 more times.

It doesn't work! Give up! Do they think that, suddenly, after 30 or 40 tries, the treadmill is just going to realize it's supposed to start and magically begin moving? Probably not.

So since I stopped being Miss Nicey, I started making fun of these people in my head. I wondered how many chances the average person would give the busted machine. And the results of my extremely unscientific observational study were ridiculous. The average dummy tried to press "start" and "up" about 30 times. With increasing intensity, like pressing it harder would make it obey more.

And 30 is the average. Which means that some of these brain surgeons actually gave the thing like 50 attempts. Nice job, people.

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