Apr 22, 2008

Medicating the cat

Everything you've ever heard is true.

That email forward that goes around every so often is true.

I'm not sure if any of you have ever tried to give a cat medicine, but personally, I'd rather eat fish (and anyone who knows me knows I. Don't. Eat. That.). The cutest wittle kitty can turn into the most ferocious beast during this process.

Take Pimp (my feline son), for example. He's a big boy, and he needs to take antibiotics twice a day for two weeks. It's a liquid that I need to squirt (God, I hate that word) into his mouth with this syringe -- and he's not having it. He scratches. He flails. He kicks. He hates.

And he ends up wearing antibiotic all over his face because of it. Dude, I'm trying to get this in your mouth. Everybody just relax, and this whole thing will be much less painless. For both of us.

Anyway, it's bad enough that I have specific "cat medicating" clothes (cat hair and claw holes), but I also have to so a sneak attack because he knows what's coming when he sees the bottle, me randomly changing clothes or, if he's a little late on the pickup, me coming toward him with the Syringe of Doom.

Whoosh! What was that? Oh, it's just the cat under the bed. Looks like I'll be late to work...

Now who wants a treat...? ;)

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