Feb 5, 2009

Maybe she's allergic to her coat

So we're going to the Sweet Tomatoes for lunch today. (I looove Sweet Tomatoes -- there's a buffet, macaroni and cheese, bread, dessert, macaroni and cheese... When I die, I want to go to Sweet Tomatoes.)

Anyway, we're walking up when I see this lady coming out the side door, and she's wearing the most ridiculous dark brown, floor-length mink coat. We live in Florida. Sure it's cold, but it's like 60-degrees cold... nothing to kill 250 cute little minks over. I'm not even wearing a light jacket.

That aside (for a second), she doesn't look like this is the kind of coat she can afford (with apologies to those who live in lavish double-wides, this woman is straight up pimped-out trailer trash), which makes it even more ridiculous. Please don't wear a gaudy mink coat if you can't afford hair product. Also, leave said ridiculous coat that you inherited from your great grandmother and costs more than your car at home from now on as long as you live in South Florida.

Whatever. Getting to the real reason I called: This train wreck can't stop sneezing. I mean, at least 15 times while simply crossing one lane of parking lot.

To which I very loudly comment to my friend: Maybe she's allergic to her fucking coat.

I hope she heard me.

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  1. ... and I laugh hahahaha!! poor 250 dead minks ... :(