Nov 3, 2008

The hoodlums in my hood

At least twice a month, I would say, the hoodlums flock to my neighborhood.

I say this because at least twice a month (at least), I am assaulted by helicopters circling and circling with their high beams on, pointed near or directly at my little slice of heaven. Today they came armed with backups -- more than a few cop cars illuminating my dimly lit streets with their vibrant red and blue swirly lights. How thoughtful of them.

I'm driving home from the gym (like a good little marathon-trainer), when I see the first cop car at the entrance, parked by the security guard (Yes, we have one. No, I'm not sure what he does... except shoot the shit with his budding and simply wave people in.). I assumed he had pulled someone over. I didn't yet know he'd unleashed no less that four of his good bad-guy hunting buddies into the "luxury" apartments at Tivoli Park.

Luxury my ass. Unless you like fake rims and 13-inch Wal-mart spinners.

Anywhos, this show happens probably twice a month. I hide out in my apartment because I just don't know who their searching for. Surely it's just some guy who drove through Popeye's and kept it moving instead of paying, but you just never know.

Countdown till my lease ends and I move to within WALKING DISTANCE TO THE BEACH: 59 days. :)

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